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How to build a "green logistics system"?

Updated:2019-03-25 10:20:12

Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, how windy the winter is.

In the winter of last year, in the Zhujiangyuan freight station of the Kunming Bureau of China Railway in Zhanyi District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, Gao Debao, the stationmaster, did not dare to wear a white shirt. "With the wind, you can’t open your eyes, the coal ash is flying, just wearing The white shirt becomes a black shirt." but

This winter, there was much less coal ash that made Gao Debao worry. Where did the coal go? This is thanks to the “disintegration”.

In October 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Advancing the Adjustment of Transport Structure (2018-2020)", demanding the promotion of bulk cargo transportation, "transfer of iron and public water", reducing road traffic and increasing railway traffic. Since 2017

The Kunming Bureau of China Railways has innovated the use of containers to transport large quantities of coal coke, iron ore and other bulk materials, and reduced the diesel consumption of trucks through the “transfer of iron” to launch a blue sky defense battle.

Bulk cargo enters the container, railway transportation costs come down

"We have roughly calculated that the 'transfer iron' can reduce emissions by 7500 tons of carbon dioxide, 80 tons of nitrogen oxides and 4 tons of particulate matter per 100 million tons of freight." Xu Honglei, director of the Environmental Resources Institute of the Ministry of Transport Planning and Research Institute, said. If not considered

The emissions from the power generation process are only calculated if the emissions from the end-use process are exhausted, and the emissions from the roads are very large.

According to the three-year action plan proposed by the State Council, by 2020, the national cargo transportation structure will be significantly optimized, the volume of bulk cargo transported by railways and waterways will be significantly improved, and the volume of port and railway transportation and container multimodal transport will increase significantly.

Breakthrough progress has been made in the adjustment of the transmission structure.

At the same time, the large-scale industrial and mining enterprises and new logistics parks with annual cargo volume of over 1.5 million tons of bulk cargo in the country have access to more than 80% of railway special lines; large industrial and mining enterprises and new logistics parks with special railway lines in key areas, bulk cargo iron

The proportion of road transportation has reached more than 80%.

However, freight is a market behavior, how to attract customers to "transfer iron"? "As long as the railway freight price and road transport are flat, we are more willing to choose railway freight." One of Gao Debao's customers, Yunnan Quco Coking Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Dong

The director of the company told reporters that coal char can be up to 1% in the process of road transportation. The coal coke is scattered on the road, floating in the air, and affecting the environment.

However, "the railway is cheaper, and the railway is cheaper." In the business talks, Yanhe Star said straightforwardly: simply considering the transportation cost, the railway is cheap, and the loading and unloading costs can be counted. Road transportation is more advantageous. The same ton of goods from Qujing to Kunming, highway integration

The transportation cost is 100 yuan per ton, while the railway is 120 yuan. "The company has a large volume of transportation, one ton less than one dollar a year is two or three million." Yan Hexing said.

Xu Honglei believes that reducing the short-term fee from the door of the product manufacturer to the destination is the key to improving the competitiveness of railway freight.

How to reduce loading and unloading links? There is a ready-made experience in the world: using containers. If the whole container transportation is realized, the cost of loading and unloading links can be greatly reduced. In order to attract bulk cargo "transfer iron", China Railway Kunming Bureau Group purchased containers and launched

"Competitive price" guarantees that the price is not higher than road transport.

Large quantities of coke, coal, ore, etc., which were previously bulk-packed on the railway gondola, were packed into containers at the time of shipment, and closed up. On the one hand, it facilitates the joint transportation of iron and iron and sea. On the one hand, the goods are not easy to seep and protect the environment.

Full communication and coordination, "transfer iron" becomes a win-win option

“Whn the coal coke mine is transported into the box, the whole process of mechanized loading and unloading operation is greatly compressed compared with the whole vehicle transportation. It takes about 1 hour to hang up and unload 1 car of 2 coal charcoal mines than to unload the traditional 1 whole car coal coke mine.” Gao Debao said. However, this does not mean

Just do it.

The “distribution and change” loading and unloading yards and the loading and unloading equipment renewals all require additional investment. At the same time as the railway company cuts the price, it requires the Quzhou Coking Company to guarantee the transportation volume.

In the past year, the coal chemical industry has gradually recovered, and the demand for bent coal coking raw materials has increased.

"We took the initiative to contact Panjiang Company as a source of coking coal coking, which not only solved the purchase of Quco coking, but also solved the sale of Panjiang Company, and also ensured that our railway transportation department had goods to pull." Gao Debao said.

When the special line of raw coal unloading vehicles arrives in a concentrated manner, the unloading efficiency is not high, which affects production. The station loading and unloading technicians and the backbone of the loading and unloading team and the enterprise side analyze and optimize the manpower and mechanical operation process, so that the unloading efficiency is increased by more than 30%.

Yan Hexing believes that the promotion of "revolution of iron" is particularly critical for communication and coordination. "In the past, railway feeders had to queue up with road freight cars to wait for coke, but for the railway sector, the lack of one car means the whole vehicle. The train has to wait. Open up the railway goods.

The special channel for transportation ensures that the goods transported by rail are preferentially loaded."

In the past, the bitumen coking railway freight transport also had a capacity of 100,000 tons per year. By increasing the manpower and renovating the freight yard, the current throughput capacity reached 5 million tons. The vast majority of products that have been transported by Quco coking to Yuxi and Honghe have been converted to rail transport. enterprise

The special line is to directly connect the charcoal coking and some factories in Kunming Steel, and it is expected to realize the transportation from the workshop to the workshop.

At the provincial level, with the continuous advancement of “distribution and reorganization”, the coke transport container of the Kunming Bureau of China Railways accounted for 46% in 2018, an increase of 11% compared with the “disintegration” that began in 2015. Transportation volume from 2.721 million in 2017

The tons have increased to 3.45 million tons in 2018.

Increase the proportion of railway freight transportation and become the trend of the times

The 15km road between Quco Coking and Zhujiangyuan Station, now the roadside is lush and green, and the vehicles are in order. Entering the spacious freight yard of Zhujiangyuan Station, the container stacking code is neat, and the container cargo train filled with large cargo such as coke whistling to the shipping yard.

Gao Debao said that after the "distribution of the collection", the coke was loaded into the container as soon as it was shipped from the factory, and there was no need to load and unload it in the middle. The dust and particulate matter were greatly reduced.