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Create logistics giants, when will the logistics industry birth BAT?

Updated:2019-03-25 10:19:29

Recently, the 100-year-old international express delivery giant UPS released its fourth quarter earnings report for 2018. The report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2018, UPS realized revenue of 19.848 billion US dollars; net income was 453 million US dollars, and adjusted net income was 1.69 billion. Dollar.

In the US alone market, revenue for the quarter reached $12.575 billion.

It cannot be denied that in recent years, the domestic first-tier private express delivery enterprises represented by SF, "Tongda" and Baishi have achieved a good overall development momentum. This includes the extension of the main business of express delivery to the fast-moving market, and the express service integrated comprehensive supply chain integration service.

Follow the “Belt and Road” to brave overseas markets. In short, the spirit of the express delivery industry has taken on a new look.

However, judging companies must ultimately speak from the revenue, this point, the traditional three international express delivery companies DHL, UPS and FedEx are still the first international echelon. UPS's revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 is already higher than SF's 2017 annual revenue. In addition,

UPS express revenue per ticket is nearly 11 US dollars, domestic express delivery companies are far behind.

Recognizing the facts, as a benchmark for the logistics industry, China's express delivery companies can't shake the traditional three giants in a short period of time, and the industry still has a long way to go. The express delivery industry, as the most highly regarded segment of the logistics industry, has almost passed every move.

Lead to the industry sense.

In the past 10 years, with the superposition of e-commerce and demographic dividends, the express delivery industry has made people see more possibilities for the development of large logistics industries. Measuring whether the logistics industry is a mature industry, one of the standards is whether there are world-class giants. From this point

Said that the industry calls for the birth of logistics giants.

Then, is the express head enterprise equivalent to the giant enterprise? Relying on China's huge population market and e-commerce consumption capacity, the express delivery enterprise has completed the layout and resource elements of serving the national market by increasing outlets, investing in vehicles, and building distribution centers. scale

Gathering. However, the express delivery enterprise actually entered the bottleneck period. The network layout of the major enterprises is highly coincident, the resources are repeatedly wasted, the express service standard is difficult to upgrade, and it is constantly caught in the price war. The express giant is a bit "puffy."

The industry needs real world-class powerhouses to create logistics giants. We must first reach a consensus on "What is a logistics giant?"

First of all, the logistics giant is not only a company that carries parcels, but also an Internet, high-tech and information technology enterprise. The key to determining the outcome in the future may be in the application of emerging technologies, in addition to the forward-looking vision,

The constant change of quantity to qualitative change can achieve the future.

Secondly, the logistics giant will inevitably compete with the world's top express delivery companies in the international market. In terms of capacity alone, the competition between FedEx, UPS, etc., the aircraft is standard. At present, the domestic express air transport market has not yet formed an absolute leading enterprise, domestic

It is still difficult for logistics companies to achieve global cross-regional operations, and they cannot create scale advantages. Public opinion reduces costs and compresses transit times around the global express network.

Finally, looking at the path of current corporate development, capital recognition is an important path. In recent years, Tianliang Capital has also entered the field of logistics. From around 2014, capital has been looking for “Drips and Tricks” in the logistics industry. By 2017, express companies have logged on.

The city and LTL express mergers and acquisitions will be restructured. By the end of 2018, the capital environment will be cooled overall, and then the financing logic will be confusing in early 2019. We can see that capital is always coldly "making more and less, less and less", and blessing capital assistance.

The birth of the streaming giant seems to break the silence between the squares.

More and more people still believe that the logistics industry will definitely give birth to companies that exceed BAT. To create a logistics giant, we choose to believe.